Changing the world
with the power of
hot spring water

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About us

NARA is the birthplace of Japan's oldest city. We will connect the crystallization of its bounty of water sources and rich nature to the future.

JOOL manufactures and sells cosmetics and drinking water using "EMINERS Hot Spring Water" named after KASHIHARA Shrine in NARA.
"EMINERS Hot Spring Water" contains many mineral elements and is a hot spring water with fine particles and high permeability. It is known as the best hot spring water for health and beauty. Our goal is to provide high quality products by taking advantage of the benefits of EMINERS Hot Spring Water.



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    The Ultimate Moisturizing Cosmetics


    ECLEAD is a series of ultimate moisturizing cosmetics containing more than 70 carefully selected beauty ingredients, including placenta extract and NMN, combined with natural mineral ingredients concentrated five times from "EMINERS Hot Spring Water", which is rich in hydrogen carbonate ion and metasilicic acid.

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    Antioxidant mineral water


    EMINERS is a 100% natural mineral water that contains high levels of hydrogen carbonate ion, an ingredient that is attracting attention for its ability to dissolve active oxygen and relieve fatigue. It is natural water rich in mineral components. Furthermore, it is "easy-to-drink soft water" with a high absorption rate due to its fine particles.
    “Gold Award of Japan Aqua Award 2022”



Changing the world with the power of hot spring water

"EMINERS Hot Spring Water" containing more than 25 kinds of rich mineral ingredients. We support the wellbeing of all people by improving their bodies.



We are developing research and development and manufacturing using "EMINERS Hot Spring Water". Our company is committed to supporting the health and beauty of people while respecting the natural environment.