Gushing Beauty and Health.
Bringing "EMINERS Hot Spring Water" to the World.

JOOL Corporation values the natural environment and is developing products that support health and beauty with "EMINERS Hot Spring Water". Our products support health and beauty by taking advantages of the abundant mineral components such as hydrogen carbonate ion, metasilicic acid, and silica unique to "EMINERS Hot Spring Water". In addition, we are constantly working to create products that take advantage of the potential of hot spring water through our own research and development. Our products have been well received by many of our customers and we will continue to improve the quality of our products. We promise to continue to provide higher quality products as our customers recognize the potential of hot spring water.


This brand offers skin care products based on "EMINERS Hot Spring Water"”.
ECLEAD is gentle on the skin and contains highly moisturizing ingredients to moisturize. In addition, it improves the skin's barrier function while moisturizing, leading to healthy skin.


Drinking Water

We produce and sell “EMINERS”, an antioxidant mineral water.
Water rich in natural mineral components such as hydrogen carbonate ion and metasilicic acid helps maintain beauty and health by balancing the body's internal balance.


Global Operations

"EMINERS Hot Spring Water" products are available not only in Japan but also overseas.
We are working hard every day to make more customers aware of the hot spring waters of NARA, Japan and to deliver high-quality products that can help people with their health and beauty.