The blessings of hot springs for beauty and health

We develop and sell products of drinking water and cosmetics utilizing the rich mineral components of "EMINERS Hot Spring Water". We support the health and beauty of our customers with hot spring water rich in hydrogen carbonate ions and metasilicic acid.


The Ultimate Moisturizing Cosmetics   


Experience the ultimate moisture!
The power of "EMINERS Hot Spring Water" will bring out your beauty.

Nowadays, the effects of hot spring water on the skin have been highly acclaimed.
"EMINERS Hot Spring Water", natural hot spring water rich in hydrogen carbonate ions and metasilicic acid, is good for beautiful skin and good health. Ultimate Moisture Cosmetics combines "EMINERS Hot Spring Water" concentrated five times with natural mineral ingredients and more than 70 kinds of beauty ingredients. It enriches the skin with essential nutrients, giving it the ultimate in hydration and radiance. That is carefully selected ingredients such as placenta extract and NMN make your skin beautiful from the inside as well. We invite you to experience the amazing effects of hot spring water cosmetics.


Antioxidant mineral water   “EMINERS”


Become beautiful from within.
Natural mineral antioxidant beauty water.

"EMINERS Hot Spring Water" is a beauty water that is expected to be effective in preventing aging, beautifying skin, and relieving fatigue with its rich natural minerals and high hydrogen carbonate ion content. It is soft water that is easy to drink because of its fine particles and high absorption rate. It easily replenishes nutrients from within the body and supports skin and health by promoting metabolism.