CEO Message

ジェイオール株式会社 代表取締役 山本 譲二

Message from the President

JOOL is engaged in research on "KOTOHOGI Hot Spring Water", a hot spring that gushes from KASHIHARA, NARA Prefecture, as well as the development and marketing of beauty and health products that utilize the hot spring water, both in Japan and overseas. Although hot springs have been loved by people since ancient times for their various beneficial effects, there are still many things that are not yet understood, and there is a mystery to them that can truly be called the universe.
"KOTOHOGI Hot Spring Water", which we treat as our "main raw material," was named "KOTOHOGI Hot Spring Water" by the KASHIHARA Shrine in NARA, from "KOTOHOGI= Blessing by word." meaning to bless.
We will continue to provide joy and excitement with our "KOTOHOGI Hot Spring Water" products by staying close to the beauty and health of each and every one of our customers. We also hope to spread the power of hot spring water to as many people as possible.
We will continue to explore and research the benefits of "KOTOHOGI Hot Spring Water". And through the development of products utilizing these benefits, we will expand from NARA to the world in order to meet the needs for youthfulness, beauty, and health that people around the world seek at any time and in any age. As a leading global company, we will continue to respect the natural environment. We will also continue our drive to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

JOOL Co., Ltd.